Journey maps are among the most powerful tools for effective UX/UI design, and they needn’t be difficult to do.

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Journey maps create deeper user empathy and will help you make better design decisions.

When I started my UX/UI practice, the fundamental thing I felt I needed to understand in order to build successful products is the step-by-step process that users would take to complete tasks. Just figure out what they need to accomplish, and design the means for them to do it. …

Design patterns can help solve common website design problems — why don’t we lean on them more?

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Illustration by Icons 8 from Icons8

User interface design patterns are considered a common language for designers. It’s a vocabulary that solves many design problems and as a result appear over and over again. So if you’re struggling with user flows and tasks, consider leaning into some common design patterns to optimize your solutions.

In this…

Open card sorting can reveal the insights that make your website a joy to use … or easy to hate.

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Illustration by Icons 8 from Icons8

At work recently, I was in a meeting to talk about a subsection of the company’s website. Everyone seemed to have a different, conflicting opinion about how to reorganize it — that’s when I raised the question: how can we sort out this content if we’re not even its audience?

Peter Noah

UX/UI Designer

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